The Pressure to Find Love||#POBAL

By Anniedora Etiobi - 9.9.16

Currently: I'm lying on the bed hurt cus my friends didn't think to call me so we could go somewhere together and I feel boring. I'm also listening to Jon Bellion, he's so talented this guy.

Im about to get real and talk about me... Pls try not to judge
because...well, just don't. Alright back to it, when I first started Uni, I had only one thing in mind (well I had a lot of things in mind but this was much more dominant) Getting a boyfriend, remember not to judge. I wanted one so bad, still do.
To be honest this thought probably became dominant because well I've never been in a relationship before and my mom's beginning to wonder about my sexuality. (I mean lai haa?) I guess know this is due to the fact that no one has been able to meet my expectations of what I want in a boyfriend and before you say anything, I'm not asking that he be perfect, I'd only come to resent him. I just want a guy I can be wierd with because trust me I'm a ton of wierd.
I'm still looking forward to that one percent that can give me a rush till then. If I fall in love with someone anytime soon I don't want it to be because I want to be able to take pictures and tag couple goals (which btw is also an IG page I should probably unfollow for now) or cuddle or do whatever else Disney has sold to us as what an ideal relationship looks like but just because I feel ALIVE with that person. Yh, that's basically what I'm looking for.
 I've come to grips with my feeling of loneliness because I know I'm not the only one who feels they need a second party to feel loved or wanted. Look at how many RT's a couple post gets or the loneliness post gets. The thing is I want to be in a relationship for the right reasons, because that person gives me a rush. If it happens in school, fine if it doesn't, that's still fine. 
The thing is and I know this too much but it's kind of hard to take your own advice; I really just need to take a chill pill and have fun until some weird person comes along and gives me that feeling. If there's anything I'm sure of it's you don't force things like love, that ish just comes and makes a mess of your emotions. So if your like me and have no boo/bae for now hunny chill and listen to Tory Lanez or G Eazy(He is *sigh*) Till then!!
OK bye!
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2 Thoughts

  1. Hey!
    Okay, first, our blogs seem to be pretty closely related with names and concept behind it..Hehe
    Mine is
    Secondly, I adoore Jon Bellion 😍😍, so thank you for talking about him
    Third, I loove your style of writing, I just went through a couple of your articles and it's so fun and laid-back (and your blog is pretty!)
    Fourth- I agree, about all the shenanigans about how a relationship should look that society feeds us with
    Fifth - Awesome article, I could totally relate from start to finish
    Great job here! ☺

  2. WOW!!! What a coincidence, this just made me extremely happy!!! Jon Is amazing!! THANK YOU!! MY FRIEnDS ARE LAUGHING AT HOW EXCITED I AM READING THIS!!!
    Thanks Babae!! This came at the right time!


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