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This is actually an old post from my former blog on the importance of being oneself... Well it doesn't seem so at first because I was trying to defend the debate on demanding respect vs demanding attention. They really aren't the same thing by the way but usually they are likened to be the same thing when it's a woman that's concerned. *sigh*
Aiit so lets get into it shall we?

What's the difference between "demanding respect" & "demanding attention" ? Often times
demanding respect is advocated as strong while demanding attention is shunned as weak. But I don't see the two as very different at all. ultimately with both, you're still seeking approval outside of yourself. I don't need to demand your respect or your attention. It is to be as genuine, honest & true to myself as possible, to operate freely & to not demand validation outside of myself. Love yourself . Respect yourself. Give yourself enough attention. Attend to YOU. Speak because you have the desire to speak, not to be heard. Do it because you find it necessary not because you think others need to hear it. You can't force your will on anyone, no matter how beneficial you think it is for them. We operate freely. This is what separates humans from other animals- free will & consciousness. Act without expectation or a desired outcome. REAL love is not dependent on being loved in return. It's unconditional, infinite & shapeless. (But don't confuse love & relationships. Just because you love someone does not mean you have to maintain a relationship with them if it's not serving you or is toxic. You can love from a distance lol). Give because you have the desire to give, not because you want to receive in return. That is not true giving. (I know people like this,btw) A lot of the time, we only act on the condition that is reciprocated. We expect a response. Relinquish fear. We are so consumed by fear of being rejected for our true selves that we live in masks our entire lives. Be free. You are everything you need. Your body/soul is your temple. You are a divine being. You are magic. Trust me when I say your God wasn't joking when he created you! The great thing about life is that if you love & respect yourself, people will reciprocate that feeling. Remember what I said about positive thinking HERE. The answers you seek are within you, but you do not sense it. You believe you are a small entity but within you is enfolded the entire universe. Therefore, you have no need to look beyond yourself. What you seek is within you, if you only reflect on it.

So to all my lovely Lemon Drops, Be YOU. LIVE LOVE LEARN!!
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  1. "What you seek is within you if you only reflect on it". I'm taking that with me. Thank you for sharing.
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Ikr!! Thank yoi for stopping by hun!! Love you to the moon and back!!


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