Wednesday Crush #5

Our Wednesday crush for today has been slaying back to back since I stumbled upon her blog in 2013, she was actually the first Nigerian Blogger besides Linda Ikeji *sigh* 
that I discovered. Her DIY column is so enlightening. I love how she recycles old clothes or her mum's old clothes. Its truly amazing to visit her blog, you feel as though you know her. She is a true fashionista!! I'm referring to none other than 

Grace Alex

I love that Grace's blog is really inviting. Grace's style is simple but oh so Chic! She also experiments with colours and textures. I don't think I've ever seen a bad outfit on Grace, she knows her fashion and what works well for her, which is really key. Grace also makes sandals!! Her sandals are too cute and they look so comfy. Im hoping to get mine soon. Grace actually made me love my size more. 

What makes Grace our Wednesday Crush?

Her style: Grace style has definitely evolved since I started following her blog and Instagram! She experiments a lot with colours and different styles. Her vintage looks are to die for!

Her consistency: When I discovered Grace's blog she was in school but somehow she was able to manage her blog through school, her NYSC, till now.

Her Creativity: Grace has the ability to turn an old outfit into something new and its so lovely of her to share tips on how to do so to. I'm still in love with the DIY she did on her mum's old asoke. She styles herself in her own designs. Her sandals too are so cute and affordable!

I'm literarily obsessed with Grace, its as though I know her and I absolutely love when I go on a blog and you feel as though you know the person through their writings or rants.

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