New Plans For 2017

By Anniedora Etiobi - 31.12.16

The saying goes “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” That’s why I’m re-organizing certain things on the blog. I’m not going to be changing a lot of things, more switching things up and re-arranging them also I will be adding more categories to the blog. Who likes the new theme! I almost lost hope when trying to set it up, my baby girl had sent me her old theme (hey Chinenye!!) but the mobile template was not responsive, after praying (never doubt God)
I was able to get a new theme that was responsive and it was free!! Should have seen my victory dance!!

Since The Lemonade Society is an Inspirational/Lifestyle Blog, I’m going to not only be putting up Inspirational posts, I’m also going to be putting up Beauty Posts and Style Posts. I also gota Cassie Dave Blog Planner. Get yours here. Here’s an outline of what I have planned out for 2017:

Chop ‘n’ Squeeze/ Be Motivated: Here we literally Chop and Squeeze real issue affecting everyone Boys and Girls alike. The more controversial topics will be under this column and although I haven’t deciphered a day when I will be making this posts live, I will be posting Life Lessons and Inspired/Motivational, serious issues posts in this category.

Wednesday Crush: In this category, I handpick someone who I think we can all learn a lesson from through their achievements. Most of the times thee are people we know.

Dear Boys: Dear boys is a column very dear to my heart, this is because I grew up around boys, at some point I was one of the boys, having three older cousins and three younger brothers- all boys. Basically I act as a guide for guys who are just winging it.

Beauty: I’m legit going to wing this category. I do hope to post about my facial routines and things connected to beauty.

Style: Same thing as with beauty. I’m trying to hone in my style honestly and what better way than to share them here.

Perks of Being A Loner 'codename' POBAL Basically this is a category for my Personal shinanigans.

I’m going to be putting up little tiddly posts like the Currently I Am series which I will be posting at the end of the month, at some point when the blog grows I’ll start putting up Stock posts but till then the currently I am posts will just have to cut it. I might also incorporate DIY’S and Hacks but let's see how it goes.

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