New Year Resolutions

By Anniedora Etiobi - 26.12.16

I'm not one to make new year resolution, but hey, first time for everything, right? Plus I'm beginning to see the benefits of having things mapped out. Also a resolution can somewhat act as a vision board. Also If you have things you would like to change about your style of living then I strongly believe that a new year resolution is necessary.
It's also important that you do follow through with your Resolutions, so I would advice that you put up your resolutions somewhere you can't ignore them.
While we are talking about new year resolutions here are some things on mine, they are mostly changes that I want to make

More action less talking: in the words of Oshobisi, I need to be more action and less words. Which is a bad habit I have.

Consistency: I really need to stop waving the consistency card and actually use it. I need to be more consistent at blogging. I also hope to grow my social media following, so consistency is definitely the way to go.

Dilligence: Still in relation to my blogging routine.

Discipline: I need to be more disciplined at a lot of things besides my blog but mostly my blog because this is the nearest thing I have to a job.

Take risks: I just realised I'm stuck in my comfort zone and its difficult for me to open up to new ideas, so I hope to be more open on the idea of taking risks.

Learn more: Can you believe that I was in the music department for a year and can you guys believe I still can't play a decent musical piece without a glitch plus I really really need to learn yoruba too.

Save more: You guys, I went through #5k in two days and till this moment I still don't how I did it. Has that ever happened to you? The worst is with my atm card, when I think I still have money and I buy food #200 then expect to see 4k remaining,my account says 2k left and I'm wondering, "Like how?"

Be more productive: I think we all know what I mean by 'Be more productive' ps, I'm referring to blog changes I'm making right now.

Get fit and healthy: this may sound wierd but I'm hoping to put on some weight and start hitting the gym. I want to put on a little weight because I just feel super skinny and weightlessness.

Actually follow through with a hair regime: I put the word actually for a reason, trust me when I say that I've tried to be religious and start taking care of my hair better but I haven't been able to see it through but before you judge me, I owe this to the fact that a lot of natural hair products are expensive as *beep*

I'm putting these things up on the blog to sort of keep track on me. I have this tendency to sort of do well with something at the beginning but then I sort of backtrack at the middle of it. So this post is a sort of an insurance type of post.

Is there any new habit you want to either work on or change for the better? Let me know about them, we might have a few things in common that we want to work on. Or you might have some things on your list that I could add to my list.

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6 Thoughts

  1. I want to take more risks too because if you don't risk anything, you risk even more. I want to up my personal makeup game too, not a necessity but it seems like fun. Hehe. I definitely want to blog better. And I feel super skinny too at times and I don't even know how to go about gaining more weight. Lol. Merry Christmas dear.

    1. Im definitely adding "work on my make up game" to my list. I'm not even sure too about the weight thing but I'm banking on google.
      Thanks for reading!!🙌🙌🙌

  2. Consistency is def something I need to work on. Also, anxiety!! Great post, girl!

    1. Lol... Even I need to get over my anxiety. Consistency is a necessity for staying creative hun!

  3. Let's take 2017 by the horn..... Great post, great pictures, superb messages... For me am cutting more on wasted time

    1. I know right, time just flew by this 2016. I love your optimism about 2017.
      Thank you for reading!


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