Get Over Your Monday Blues

By Anniedora Etiobi - 9.1.17

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Hey you guys!! So its the dreaded Monday and I hope you have a great one too because we all know how Monday has the the uncanny talent of setting the mood for the rest of the week so before you leave here are some things I would really love for you to take with you this morning
and all through the week.

1. You're closer to your goals than you think : You may not know this but Evert that you make little effort you make towards achieving your goals brings you a step closer towards achieving them. "Little drops make an ocean."

2. Its your time to shine: I don't care what you think you've been through, learn how to turn every negative moment to a positive.

3. Seize opportunities as they come: Be brave when an opportunity comes your way, pay attention to your intuition, its God's way of guiding you.

4. Take risks: Still on the intuitions and trusting your guts, learn to take as many risks with your creations and visions as you can.

5. Choose Faith over Fear: Have more Faith in yourself and ignore those voices that tell you, you cannot win. You can WIN and you will WIN!!

Hope You have an amazing week ahead. Babes!!

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