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how can i love myself

In Recent news; I'm watching Straight Outta Compton for the umpteenth time. Classic! While wondering when Rihanna is going to release the next album...#ANTI is such a great album!!

Welcome to February and not only is it Black History Month
but Valentine's day happens to fall into the February mix. PS who else thinks Black History needs to have more than a month. Like I'm not American but its not new news that Black people built America and are the SAUCE of the WORLD in general. Just saying!

You! So its the month of love and before we start to attach love to the amount of material things we are going to receive or not remember that the only real love that matters is yours!

We live in a times when we can fake certain things such as loving ourselves. We post pictures on IG, tweet ignorant things on Twitter and wait for the number of likes and RT's to feel better about ourselves.

Truth is if you keep waiting on numbers you'll never truly be happy with yourself.
Self love comes from within, it boils down to the love you have for yourself when you are alone, independent of human approval. Loving yourself can be difficult especially as a Nigerian child who suffers from comparison from parents, teachers, even friends. Because we live in a society that makes us question our views and our dreams. A society where your not regarded with respect if you are void of a companion or money.

Allow me to remind to that you are YOU and that is enough regardless of what another person might think of you. YOU ARE ENOUGH!! Don't let anyone tell or make you feel other wise!!

We've all felt at some more point that we were not good enough, I implore you to unlearn everything you've been told. Learn a new kind of love a kind where you love your skin colour, your big lips, your hooded eyes, your unequal body parts, your being. Love you because at the end of the day YOU ARE ALL YOU HAVE!!!

Much Love!!!

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