Currently I Am #2

By Anniedora Etiobi - 5.3.17

Hey Beautiful people, how's it been. I'm feeling very bitter/sweet about February being over, but then life must go on right? How's your March going so far? This is a currently I am on how I felt in February:

Wearing: A Polka Dot top and Denim.

Admiring: Rihanna. Her style and her just being... I cant explain it.

Wishing : Someone dropped some heavy cash in my account. Yes please!!

Determined to : Stay fit and thick! (I lose weight with ease, so this is going to be a bit challenging)

Craving : Pasta! Its been too long since I had a healthy bowl of this. (Can someone just walk into my life and spoil me?)

Excited to: See someone special for my pasta.  Well there's more to this but I'm not going into details here (mischievous smile)

Feeling : Tired! School just resumed and I haven't fully settled. No more Big Brother Naija *wails*

Anticipating : Im not sure if I'm anticipating anything right now.

Happy about : Believe it or not, I'm happy about being back at school.

Appreciating: my new baby cousin. He is the cutest. Also my bestie, she's super cool and silly af.

Irritated by : Self Righteous people who think they are better than everyone.

Inspired by : Bella of I cant even begin to explain but she's a blessed soul. This chick inspires the heck out of me!

Planning to : Get settled in school.

Loving : The little weight I've put on. I wrote about my weight struggle here.

Regretting : That I didn't get some apps installed on my laptop on time and now I just have a boring laptop.

Unsure about : How Lemonade Gang is going to take the controversial topics I want to introduce into the blog.

Reading : 17 Secrets of High Flying Students. I want to up my GPA this session.

Listening to: Old songs by Sade.

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