Misogynist thoughts on Rape

By Anniedora Etiobi - 23.3.17

this post is a mixed post. Contains strong language that might be offensive and uncomfortable for the weak hearted. Approach with caution.

The day started of good with good vibes, I was looking forward to classes which is rare. I had given my self the mental motivational talk about how I was going to pay attention in class and take notes, not tweet,
actually focus on the nonsense impractical theories the lecturers were going to shove down our throats today.

The first class I had was a Music class, FYI don't let anyone deceive you, it's not as cool as you would think. As I was saying, we had our first class on Tonal Harmony and I immediately did not like our new lecturer, I wanted the old guy back. This new lecturer had jokes (demeaning jokes) especially about women. Perhaps he thought if he got on the boy's good side he would be fine and would have it easier. You know the common misconception men have, he tried it, I'm going to blame his ignorance on the fact that he's new and inexperienced. I mean mind you our class rep is a girl but that's by the way.

Forty five minutes into the class he makes an ignorant comment to a friend of mine about how she's black and shouldn't wear the colour black. I'm one of those people who get mad angry when people say things like that. "Oh your dark skin, you can't wear that." "Your very black, you can't use coloured makeup." "Your black, stick to only black or deep brown hues for your hair" Now you ignorant pigs (forgive my language, I'm super annoyed) who make such comments and are negroes your selves, well its a sickening shame because to Donald Trump we are all dumb niggers, so don't feel extra because you look lighter. Your still BLACK regardless. Thank God for the motivational speech I had with myself earlier that day, I would have gone in on his matter and broken it down for him.

I let it slide and put on my good girl ignorant smile. The class kept going and he would crack some dry jokes which would be met by classmates who needed the extra credit. Then the lecturer started talking about decisions and how it affected us especially we girls. He said we shouldn't make sacrifices of the heart. In my mind I was like "okay?" Then he tells us a story about how a girl went to the police station to report a guy of rape and the police officer asked what happened, the guy friend told the officer that he took the girl to lunch and she ate so much food and the police officer dismissed the case. Then my lecturer proceeded to say that it wasn't rape that if he fed her then he had every right to rape her. Of course my course mates laughed it off. Little old me was in the corner saying "No, Rape is Rape and is never justifiable."

I was obviously mind blown, to think that this was a lecturer. He was legit encouraging boys to rape girls if they had done something for them. He was saying if you feed her, you can have your way with her. It really pissed me off. So this is our reality, this is how a lot of people treat rape cases. They turn it around and make it the girls fault.

Dear boys, rape is rape, its wrong and monstrous. I mean he saying that can also mean if I as a woman feeds a man and he doesn't do my bidding then by all means I can ruin his life. I'm still kind of shook, concerning his statement. What do you think concerning what he had to say and concerning the way rape is looked at?

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3 Thoughts

  1. This is the worse crap ever? Tf? That because he fed her, he can have his way with her? WTF? And the guy still has his degree? He is bloody ignorant and messed up. Things like. This just gets. Me. Worked up like UGGgHhh


    1. I felt the same way too.😡 He had no right.I'm sorry about you're nerves🙇 Here have some tea to relaz ya navs ☕. Thnk you for sharing you're thoughts🙌

  2. I want to stress that nobody is at fault for the existence of rapists in society. It disturbs us to our core and it’s human nature to want to assign blame for things going wrong, but please, put the blame where it belongs: on the guilty. You as a normal citizen of society aren’t responsible for the existence of the person next door who raped someone, even though maybe you feel like you could have – or should have – seen it coming and prevented it somehow.

    On the other hand, the victim isn’t responsible for having been raped, and you might be surprised to find out that he or she may be feeling equally upset about falling into the “gray area” of rape. It’s embarrassing to realize that you’ve been victimized, but that it wasn’t by a psycho – which would be acceptable by the general public. It can make a victim feel “less than” if they think that their injuries and circumstances surrounding their ordeal means that the real unwanted sexual penetration they know they suffered – that the law recognizes they suffered – isn’t a cause for (complaint) . It can make a victim feel guilty when they thought they, too, would be protected. Its time parents teach their kids about consent, respect, and self control.


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