Twitter Accounts that can Help Drive Traffic to your Blog

By Anniedora Etiobi - 31.3.17

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Hey Lemon Squad!! Now As a blogger I know how important it is that people see the content we create and that we are able to reach our target audience. Social media
has been a God sent with this, from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest its essential for us as bloggers to use these media platforms to get our content out there to the masses.
Here are my fave Twitter handles to help drive traffic back to your blog through Rt's and tags and connecting bloggers to new audiences:

Remember no blogger is an island. If you know more Twitter accounts that help RT and feature bloggers let me know in the comment box below ♥♥

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2 Thoughts

  1. I actually use some of these but will definitely up my game with these new ones thanks for Sharing!!!

  2. Yh do that. I use all of them and they are so helpful😳 you'rewelcome😏e


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