The Currently I Am Tag || July

By Anniedora Etiobi - 7.7.17

Been a while, hasn't it. How's everyone, I'm sorry, school got in the way... You forgive me? Aww, besties muah..I missed this space
and all you wonderful people who take the time to check out my posts. Thank you very much. Also shout out to Cassie Daves, Sarah of Princess Audu, Sogie of Diva Diaries, Vincent of Quirks and Outfits, Ifeoma of Whowhatfab, their consistency gave me strength and motivation. Thank you guys😘

Lets get into this tag
Wearing: A lot of cami tops and shorts.

Admiring: AerinCreer on IG....I love seeing short girls model and bad and bougie at the same damn time. But I admire her more for undergoing brain surgery and not letting it faze her. #GirlBoss

Wishing : I could read people's minds.

Determined to : Create expand my creativity and step out of my comfort zone.

Craving : Pizza and Ice cream

Excited to : start getting creative and for God's continuous blessings and its also my birthday month.

Feeling : Grateful for the good people around me and anxious about my exams.

Anticipating : I want to start making fashion yeah.

Happy about : Personal growth and allowing myself to be more assertive about my thoughts.

Appreciating : My Mom

Irritated by: People who think they have a say in your life and how you should address issues that go on in your life. Especially when you didn't ask.

Inspired by : I'm inspired by so many people this July. Bella of Browniegram, her new IG theme is legit. Chidera of The Slumflower, her words give me life, Oc.Wonder on Instagram, his pictures are amazing. My friend and skit maker Oshobisi of Mad District, funny and innovative fella.

Planning to : Discuss controversial topics here and also create more content that make me tick. Pray for me on this. Content creation is not a breeze

Loving :Bella's IG feed.

Regretting : That I don't follow my intuition and that I'm not as assertive as I want to be. Speaking up is not so easy especially when you've been groomed to "be seen and not heard"

Unsure about : All the "ships" and life in generya but nothing new.

Reading : School books because of exams.

Listening to: Go Gina by SZA, DRK by Moss which you can also listen to by clicking here.

That's it for currently I am tag. Thank you for reading. Sorry about the glitch I do hope to be less off and more on with my content.

Did you enjoy reading this? Leave a comment below also who missed me?

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2 Thoughts

  1. Best of luck in your exams dear, success.
    Irritated by oversabi people too, excited to see your fashion posts.
    Thanks for the mention, this just motivated me to get to work.

    1. Thank you hun!!! I hope its as good as yours #babysteps. You're welcome. Thank you for checking it out💕💕


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