What We Can Learn from Rutendo #VisaBae

By Anniedora Etiobi - 5.4.18

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 Hey Lemon Drops, how are you doing? I'm sure by now we are all familiar with the trending hashtag right now #VisaBAE which tells of a social media "Influencer" Rutendo
Tichiwangani,  A girl who has been living in the UK and needed to re apply for her Visa so she could keep staying in the UK.
Now as much as people are getting pressed by the way she went about it and how she could have actually gotten a job and raised the money, how she used a click bait title, how she's lying and contradicting herself. Either way...I watched her Video and instead of throwing shade and pointing fingers, I decided that there's a lesson to learn from her situation.

1. We don't all have it together: Stop comparing your life, journey, looks, social media following, timing to someone else's. As much as people on the Internet act like they have their acts together? Trust me a lot of them are really just going at it one day at a time and hoping its the right step. Remember there really isn't an instruction booklet that tells you how to live or act at certain points/situations in your life.

2. Have a Strong Sense of Self: RLT went on to say that there is a specific way one has to present themselves in order for brands to want to work with you. I can understand understand this pressure but truth is this pressure is mostly self created. You don't have to sacrifice who you are or what you like because of brands who are more interested in you gathering numbers for them.

3. Create what you want to create: Remember why you started what you started. Create the things you want to create. The minute creating feels like work and is stressful. Its not worth it anymore. There is no structured way to create content/ images/ art/ etc. Create the type of vids/pictures/content. Talk about what you want to talk about or things you are passionate about. Don't stifle yourself because you are trying to fit into a section. Nope...do it your way. This self inflicted pressure is why a lot of bloggers, myself included get frustrated with content creation at some point. Your audience will come. Trust your process, regardless of how unclear it seems right now. You really don't need to have a theme. Cc: Aerin creer, Eris the planet, Domyenn, Glow Princess. As long as you are able to create pictures and add value to people's lives. Gone are the days of just cute selfies.

4. We've all pretended to be something we arent: the fact that people are online trying to drag this girl gives me the creeps. Asif. Please tell your own self the truth, you've pretended to be happy, to have it all together, be razz (The Jennifer accent, y'all love to fake) be real, be shady, be strong. We've all at some point had to be something we knew we weren't. Stop dragging people because they aren't a way you expect them to be. Then you tag them fake.

5. Social Media is an Illusion: Before you compare your life to a picture that a person has taken the time to work on and compare it to your actual life forgetting that the Internet is a mirror world and not the actual world? Everyone has something they are struggling with, and because you don't know what it is or they don't show it doesn't mean its not happening. Shine your eyes, dear friend.

6. Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work: Truth is Rutendo could have worked for the money. That's why it all seemed fishy. After portraying to be living a larger than life lifestyle. She comes sobbing. *sigh*
Get your act together. I know its difficult in our economy but there are a lot of ways to make money right now especially in this digital age and if using the Internet is difficult for you then do it the old fashioned way. But do something to support yourself, nothing is too little to do.

That's basically it. 6 things I was able to pick up from her situation that I think everyone else needs to learn from.

But on the other side of this what are your feelings concerning the situation. Let me know in the comment box. Lets splatter tea, everywhere lol

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6 Thoughts

  1. What i can say is that she's good at social media management. i still wonder why people take such person serious, even if she's fake and all that, she isn't worth so much attention, at least in this part of the world, we have so many problems to keep us thinking, rather than actively participating in someone's problem

    1. she really is to have built such a large following. i think a lot of her followers are putting her under much fire because they had idolized the idea that they too could aspire to her level of "having it together." so now that its out there that the image she built is a big lie, they feel cheated.
      thank you for commenting

  2. This was a great post. I think her whole ordeal serves as a reminder not to compare ourselves to people on social media. If she hadn't shared her Visa issue, no one would have known she was living a whole fake slay mama life. It's always best to remember that people specially curate the life they want people to see on social media and its best that we always keep that at the back of our mind. In terms of her Crowdfunding for this money, I think its a bit ridiculous. She has known about this Visa issue for a while, she could have sold some of her more expensive pieces. Also, if she could work because of her Visa status, she could have done freelance work, sold hair, done people's makeup. She really could have leveraged her social media following into a business venture, ijs...

    1. I know right. that's the same thing I said. if she had put a spin on it and said sh really needs the money but doesn't want hand me down. she could have sold those clothes, bags, hair at ridiculous prices and people would have bought without even knowing she was all image and nothing more.i for one cant trust a thing she says anymore.cant even watch her YouTube vids. i legit thought she had it together.

  3. Ooh I love this Annie! I couldn't wrap my head around all the insults and judgement on social media. As if, we all haven't at some point pretended like we have everything together when we obviously don't. I'm not saying what she did was right, it was not at all but I think it's important to be empathetic and even if you disagree or feel some type of way about the whole thing, there's a way you go about it.

    I agree with all your points, points one and three stuck out the most to me. No one has it all together all the time, regardless of what we go through, we're not really alone although it feels that way at times. I've been trying to stick to that create what you want to create trope, it definitely helps take some of the pressure off. Great post Annie! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. I'm so glad you can relate too.not going to lie sometimes creating what you want and being devoid of anyone's judgement is really not as simple as it sounds that's why i think a great sense of self is necessary.
      thank you for always commenting Demi


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