The Real Art of Letting Go|| #2017 Special

Hi Lemon Drops, sorry I haven't been as consistent as i should have been. This year truly was a roller coaster. Its December and I can't believe some of the things I experienced happened earlier this year. I lost friends that I had nothing but
love for, on this note I say trust your intuition, it some how knows the real truths that you never want to accept or admit to. At first I was upset, I was angry and hurt, started shutting people out and became depressed.I had to let these people go in order to find myself and as difficult as it was I did and I'm super proud of the progress I've made so far.

All over social media, you see images, tweets, statuses that encourage cutting people off and letting go, especially when these people mistreat you or take you for granted. They also never really tell you how difficult it is to let go or how hard it is to convince yourself that letting them go is the right choice and the best, I mean these are friends that you shared goals and dreams with. In letting go I found myself, strengths and weaknesses.  

They never tell you how in the first stages of letting go, you try to convince yourself that this person or people are your friends and that they dont mean the things they do to you or make excuses for them when they dont take responsibility for the things they do. You start to dim your light to accommodate theirs, you fake happy when they do the same thing they said they wouldn't do, you tell yourself its maturity to understand them and accommodate them, Patience is key.

Shout out to Drake's More Life Album, Kendrick Lamar's Pride, Loyalty, Humble and SZA's CTRL. These albums practically pulled me out of a very confused and dazed reality. I learnt to be by myself, learnt that people come and go and that I was the only one constant in my life and so were my creations and words.

I started reassuring myself more, hyping myself more, let more people in, made new friends, got involved in some other things. Allowed myself to love and be open. If you're kind hearted, dont allow people turn you to a cold hearted person because of their negligence. Stay true to you and ALWAYS remember that how a person treats you is a reflection of who they are. Not you!!
Till next Year babes!!

How was this year for you and what valuable lessons did you learn? Did yoy experience personal growth or mental growth this year?

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  1. I love that you wrote a post about this! Letting go of certain things can be really hard for me. So, it's one of my goals for 2018!

    GG |

    1. Im glad you found it useful hunny❤ its hard for ne too but I'm learning that its a process nd when you really want to overcome something, the universe works in your favor. Sending love nd light your way✨💙💙


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